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Koukandekirukun Inc., founded in 1998 in Japan, is one of the leading retailers in E-commerce industry, specializing in selling household equipment through its website, SUNREFREPLAZA (KOUKANDEKIRUKUN), and providing its customers construction services.

We have sold more than 200,000 products since the establishment. Our main products including TOTO, INAX (LIXIL), and Panasonic products satisfy every customer demand. With a reputation as experts, our construction staff provides high quality of construction services, after-services, and maintenance nationwide.

We are the venture company that continuously expands the business worldwide and would like to build up good relationships with any companies.

These below are some examples of potential partners:
-Non-Japanese company looking for Japanese agency to launch its products in Japanese market
-A corporation seeking for a business partner in its country that has deep knowledge of housing
equipment and know-how of the construction.
-A company seeking for a business partner to develop the new field.

Company name
Koukandekirukun, Inc.
Head office
Tokyo tatemono higashi shibuya Bldg. 12F,
1-26-20, Shibuya-ku Higashi, Tokyo, 150-0011 Japan
13th Nov 1998
+81 3 6427 5381
+81 3 6427 4390
113,250,000 JPY (Paid-in Capital)
Masaru Kurihara